Funny Look at Medical Tourism in India


This video focuses on Outsourcing and specifically medical tourism. We
shine a bright light on the industry and hold no punches. In India, the
most common treatments are heart surgery, cosmetic surgery, knee
transplant and dental surgery. India is a favorable destination because
its medical infrastructure and technology is on par with those in the
USA and Europe. As health care costs skyrocket, patients in the
developed world are looking overseas for medical treatment. India is
capitalizing on its low costs and highly trained doctors to appeal to
these "medical tourists." Even with airfare, the cost of going to India
for surgery can be markedly cheaper, and the quality of services is
often better than that found in the United States and UK. Indeed, many
patients are pleased at the prospect of combining their tummy tucks with
a trip to the Taj Mahal. - YaleGlobal

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